Innovative Puppies Out and About

Mr. Cubby is in Pennsyvania starting his agility career!  WOW...all of his  titles!! Sharon and Cubby are making a great team!
And they thought they could keep me away from the big dogs water dish!  Ha...they didn't...NEXT!

What a cutie he is...oh and coat...sorry Judy and Ken!
Cubby is a Rojo x Misty cross!
Cody is a Silver X Rowdy cross
Morgan will eventually make the frisbee world, She is so agile, loves people and it looks like Randy and Sherri will spending time in the pool with this gorgeous blue eyed girl and time on the frisbee field.  That rich copper on this girl is just makeing those beautiful blue eyes just beem!  OH and I forgot...swimming!

Ms. Breeze is growing up on a Ranch in Oklahoma.